New Austrian Blockchain - verification service "Dual-Verify"

A new verification service has been added to the WKO's (Austrian chamber of commerce) blockchain data certification service - this can be used to check whether and when an electronic document has been certified ("notarized").

The service automatically searches the two dominant blockchain systems in Austria. The "Austrian Public Service Blockchain" which is a consortium of public sector institutions and "Private Sector Blockchain" (commercial sector counterpart to the "APSB", used by professional services from Infinite Trust Digital Gmbh and others).

Blockchain - certified documents can be verified by everyone without having to know the original/creator's system - this significantly improves usability but also visibility.

Screenshot of the "Dual - Verify" website from the Austrian Chamber of commerce (German)

The dual-verify service can be used without registration or login and is publicly available at https://datenzertifizierung.at/verify.

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