Vienna University of Economics and Business, SAP and Digital Certification


The "Productionmanagement" department of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna led by professor Taudes has been "notarizing" certificates for SAP training courses for some time. Using a webapplication for hundreds of certificates can be a very cumbersome task.

In order to reduce this workload the Universites management decided to use infinite trust digital's "certification/notarization" client for all SAP trainings.

the client

With the goal of speeding up the digital certification process infinite trust digital developed a Windows "notarization" client allowing users to certify but also verify multiple documents with a simple click of a context menue entry.

Screen 1: use of the certification client and/or using a context menue
Since the context menue allows the selection of multiple documents the notarization of all training certificates can be done with a single click. This significantly speeding up the whole process. Sucessfully certified documents are then stored in an additional folder together with ITD's notarization confirmation.

Screen 2: Training certificate and corresponding confirmation document

All certificates can be easily verified by using the webapplication, the client or third party verification services like described in one of our last blog entries (New Austrian Blockchain - verification service "Dual-Verify").

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