Disruptive Blockchain Applications

Your most valuable data - immutable and tamper-proof


Progressive digitization is leading to the increased use of electronic documents. These are easy to copy and modify. Proving authenticity in the real world is time-consuming and expensive (e.g., depositing documents with a notary).

Digital certification allows us to prove that your data existed in a specific form at a defined point in time.

Blockchain technology ensures security and confidence that data has not been tampered with unnoticed. Decentralized storage additionally offers reliability and the ability to remain uncensored.

In order to meet all the requirements of our products, the Infinite Trust Digital - Team consists of experienced IT, software and security experts, as well as lawyers. Kosch & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH guarantees a comprehensible legal conformity of our products.


Digital Certification

Important information is stored unchangeably, decentrally and permanently. Distributed storage supported by a blockchain ensures that data cannot be manipulated and changed unilaterally. Digital certification proves which information existed at a certain point in time.

Digital Escrow

Enables the secure storage of your most valuable digital information: Encrypted and tamper-proof through blockchain technology. Data can be forwarded automatically, e.g. triggered by a trusted person (lawyer) or automatically.

Founders / Management Team

DI (FH) Eva Mairhofer-Kraus MBA, BSc - CEO
DI Dr. Christian Baumann - CTO
Dipl. FW Martin Eiszner

Legal Experts

Dr. Stephan Foglar-Deinhardstein - Data Privacy
Dr. Michael Lentsch
Mag. Wolfgang Deller - Trusteeships
Mag. Sebastian Knotz - Information technology law



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